Meg Pierce
 I have always been interested in fine variations color and line. Pattern, symmetrical design, and grids are the organizing principles in my painting, drawing and collage. I find great joy in the complexity found in textiles, which exemplify these elements.
 This body of work creates a complex visual experience. Sewing notions and stitched vintage fabrics are layered with paper and transparent acrylic glazes. The safety pins, seams, embellishments and vintage fabric also have particularly feminine meaning. These older materials have an innate beauty and they carry a historical echo of their makers.

  The stitching, fabric, lace, string, pins and layers of paint are also my metaphors for  interior life. Our inner life is constructed year by year with levels of experience and feeling that become and defend our center. The intricacy of this web often remains hidden- it's discovery only upon careful observation.
I feel that in this later work I have found a way to align a contemporary aesthetic with a deep personal expression of my history and self.
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