meg pierce          artist  




                                 most recent work



       meg pierce, an artist now living in sarasota florida,

       creates sensitive, complex and detailed mixed media.

       recent art uses evocative layering of original

       photography, found objects and fiber.



"mandalas" are a recurring format.

intricate lines, photos, muted colors and symbols are painstakingly arranged the ancient forms of mandalas, labyrinths or mazes are sometimes embellished with watercolor, pencil, found objects or fiber



  butterfly mandala 28x28 paper collage, colored pencil on board


 windows (detail) 24x24 lace, metallic trim, acrylic on canvas

"trims and notions" explores repetition and variations of small insignificant objects: mainly sewing notions and vintage fibers. layering and nuance mirror the quality of memory itself- burying and surfacing in complex ways.


"rajasthan series" uses indian fabric as inspirations for subtle surface layering and transparency.

rajasthan dance 30x30 fabric, wax paper, sequins, acrylic on canvas




435 s. gulfstream ave. #608 sarasota, fl 34236

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